Fall Fishing on the Snake River

As most Northwest Anglers now know, the Steelhead numbers have been a bit lower than the 10 year average due to warm water we had the last few years. The Steelhead numbers have been low, however the pressure has been virtually now existent. With the Catch and Release restrictions on the Snake River for Steelhead, alot of people have stayed at home, thus providing us an opportunity to fish alone out of Heller Bar. Fishing has been decent to very good at times with very few people fishing. On years we have alot of Steelhead there may be 30 boats competing for 200 fish in our stretch of water. Right now if there are only 50 fish in the slots, and we are the only ones fishing, we have a great chance at catching.

The Bass and Sturgeon fishing as of late has been lights out. Last week we had a boat go out and target Small Mouth Bass all day and with 3 anglers landed over 100 Smallies. Sturgeon has been good with the water temperatures dropping by the day. It is only going to get better the month of October and into November.

It is go time for a great day on the Snake River. We can target Steelhead and Salmon in the morning and Bass and Sturgeon all afternoon. The weather has been great as we are sure enjoying the changing of the seasons.

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