Winter Steelhead and Catch and Release Oversized Sturgeon

Going into this winter on the Snake River I am pretty sure us Guides, local fisherman and even WDFW were concerned about the fishery. The lack of pressure on the Snake, along with quality fishing conditions throughout the season, have provided us with some amazing fishing. As of late, the Grande Ronde River has been high and muddy. This has pushed the majority of the Steelhead in the lower 10 miles back out to the clean Snake River. This happens a few times throughout the winter allowing us to capitalize on these once Grande Ronde bound fish.

Prior to this winter it was my understanding that the sturgeon fishing dramatically decreased in the winter months due to colder water flows. We have proven this to be false through the 2017-18 Steelhead fishing season. The sturgeon fishing on the snake this year has been almost on command.

We have a few weeks left of our steelhead season. After this month, we will be booking Snake River Sturgeon trips and come April (or whenever the river reaches 50 degrees) we will be able to start bass fishing as well.

I cannot help but think about the Spring Chinook Staging in the Pacific right now. April we will be heading down towards Portland to start our Spring Chinook season, then following them all the way up the Snake to Clarkston Washington. The time is now to get on the calender for the Spring Season.

We have a few spots left at Riddle’s Fishing Lodge ( for the 2018 summer.

Hells Canyon Snake River Sturgeon

Snake River Sturgeon Fishing in Hells Canyon

Rocky Mountain Bighorn

Monster Rocky Mountain Big Horn on the Idaho SIde of the Snake River

Snake River Steelhead

Wild Steelhead on the Snake River in Idaho

Heller Bar Hatchery Steelhead

Winter Hatchery Steelhead on the Snake River out of Heller Bar

Lunch Break on the Snake River

Sturgeon Fishing the Snake River

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