November - March

November – Mid March Steelhead Fishing

Winter months on Snake River, just south of Clarkston Washington to the Oregon border, is arguably the most productive Steelhead fishing on the Snake. The tributary spawners are staging to head up in their spawning grounds, and the main stem spawners are stacked into the deeper holes along the Snake. We target these fish by side drifting with various baits, and egg imitations. Back trolling plugs and shrimp can also be very productive.

Catch and Release oversized sturgeon is always a possibility on the Snake, but this time of year can be exceptionally productive.

November - March Steelhead Fishing

March - April

March – April

Spring time on the Snake is a fantastic time to target Sturgeon and Small Mouth Bass. Sturgeon is all catch and release fishing but often see fish 7-10 feet in length. Along with Sturgeon we can also target bass throughout the day. This is one of the most enjoyable, laid back fishing trips offered. We will launch out of Heller Bar boat ramp, or near by on the Snake River for all Sturgeon fishing trips.

Snake River Sturgeon Fishing in Hells Canyon with Fish the Northwest


May – Early June Spring Chinook Fishing

For Spring Chinook fishing in Washington, we fish the Snake River near Clarkston Washington. In the last few seasons, WDFW has allowed us to target Spring Chinook on Sundays and Mondays in this portion of the Snake. Historically speaking, WDFW has allowed a generous limit of 2 fish per person.

Out of all the Chinook I have targeted throughout Washington and Alaska, these spring Chinook have the highest Omega-3 fatty acid content. It is not uncommon to find these fish in the markets for upwards of $60 per pound.

Spring Chinook FIshing

June - July in Kenai Alaska

June and July in Alaska at Riddle’s Fishing Lodge on the Kenai Peninsula

My June and July is spent on the Kenai River working for Riddle’s Fishing Lodge. Riddle’s Fishing Lodge is located on the Lower Kenai overlooking a protected Wildlife area. Riddle’s is family owned and operated and one of the finest lodges on the entire Kenai Peninsula. At Riddle’s we have the ability to fish the Kenai and the Kasilof Rivers depending on which river is more productive. The Kasilof River is a short river located 30 minutes south of the Lodge on the Kenai that is drift boat only. We float this scenic river in a new 19 ft Willie Drift boat.

Our June 2018 special is 5 nights lodging, 2 All Day Salmon trips, 2 Halibut trips for $1595 per person plus tax.

Everyone always asks me, “When is the best time to come fish the Kenai?” There really is not a bad time to be there, we just need to discuss expectations and what a guest is looking for in a trip. If you are interested in catching the King Salmon of your life, late May and early June is not for you. We tend to catch 12-25 pound hatchery fish on the Kasilof this time of year. However, the limit on these fish is 2, rather than 1 in July. A person in search of their fish of a lifetime should focus more on July, but we often book 2 years in advance for this trip.

If someone is looking to catch a pile of fresh fish, the best time to come is August and September when we see large amounts of abundant Silver Salmon in both the Kenai and Kasilof. On even numbered calender years, both rivers receive an extremely healthy number of Pink Salmon. These pinks can make even the most traveled fisherman’s arms sore. It is not uncommon to land 100 pinks a day casting spinners in August.

Halibut charters are offered at all times throughout the summer.

Please visit for more information about this amazing Lodge.

Kenai and Kasilof River King Salmon Fishing in June and July

August in Kenai Alaska

August in Alaska at Riddle’s Fishing Lodge on the Kenai Peninsula

The month of August I spend in Kenai Alaska fishing for the abundant Silver Salmon, or Coho Salmon. I fish for Riddle’s Fishing Lodge on the lower Kenai. From the porch, overlooking the famous Beaver Creek Hole, guests can overlook over a mile of the Kenai. Fishing charters depart from the dock right at the lodge, just feet from our fire pit.

Our August Special for 2018 is 6 nights, 3 half day Salmon trips, and 2 Halibut Trips for $1695 per person plus tax.

More information about Riddle’s Fishing Lodge can be found at

Silver Season at Riddle's Fishing Lodge


September Salmon and Steelhead Fishing on the Snake River

The month of September on the Snake offers upriver bright Chinook fishing, as well as amazing Steelhead fishing. Washington gives us a generous limit of 6 Adult Chinook, and 3 Steelhead limit per day. September charters depart from Clarkston Washington.

Most seasons we begin the morning trolling for Chinook Salmon and spend the rest of the day bobber fishing for steelhead. We spend the month of September in this stretch of the Snake River because of the cold water influence from the Clearwater River. No matter where these fish are destined, they take a breather right in the town of Clarkston. Most of these fish, Chinook or Steelhead will make their way from the Columbia in a hurry until they reach the cooler water where we are fishing.

As water temperatures begin to drop in September the Bass and Sturgeon fishing in the Snake picks back up again. We often book multi day charters, offering one day in the Confluence of the Snake and the Clearwater, and the second day upriver catching Bass and Sturgeon.

September Salmon & Steelhead Fishing in the Confluence of the Snake and the Clearwater


October on the Snake River

For the same reason we fish for Salmon and Steelhead in the Confluence of the Snake and the Clearwater Rivers in September, we fish Heller bar the month of October. The cooler water from the Grande Rhonde holds fish up in the Snake and provides one of Washington’s most productive fisheries for Steelhead, with a bi-catch of 5-25 pound fall Chinook. 25 miles south of Clarkston, the Snake River at the mouth of Hell’s Canyon is one of the most scenic places a fisherman can fish.

We side drift eggs with light tackle for these eager to bite Steelhead. It is not uncommon to hook 10-20 fish a day on this famous stretch of the Snake. Most guests stay in either Lewiston Idaho, Clarkston Washington or camp at the Washington State State Rec site right at Heller Bar.

October Steelhead fishing on the Snake River