I’ve been fortunate enough to have been fishing with Tom for 10 plus years now. He always makes every trip well worth it, I’ve been guided by many different outfits and can say with out question Tom is the best… From his ability to find fish to his willingness to work hard to find fish…. Not to mention he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met…. He’s got my business for life!!!!!

Happy client
Dean Davis


I first met Tommy Belknap when I took my teenage daughter to a fishing camp in Alaska on the Nushagak River for a week last summer. There were at least 8 excellent guides working at the camp that were taking their clients out daily. We all kept the same guide throughout the week. During that week, Tommy was always the first one ready to go out in the morning, and the last one to leave the river after a phenomenal day of fishing. Without exception, our boat caught the most fish. Tommy really knows what he’s doing. My daughter also caught the biggest fish in the camp for the whole week. After we came in from a long day’s fishing, after dinner Tommy went back down to the river with us to show my daughter how to fly fish.

If you go out with a guide, Tommy is the guide you want. He is great with people, and loves fishing…it’s contagious. My daughter loves to fish with me now. After our trip to Alaska, my daughter arranged a guided trip with Tommy and I for a Christmas present to me. It was on the Clearwater River in Idaho, fishing for Steelhead…then my daughter asked me if she could come too. I said, of course! I also took my son-in-law who had never caught a steelhead before. We all had a blast! We caught 12 large, gorgeous steelhead that day.

Tommy will get you into where the fish are, and he’ll work with anyone in a fun and positive way to help you understand how to catch and land the fish. I look forward to more great adventures with Tommy! Thanks Tommy!


I first met Tom Belknap 4 years ago. We fished an entire day in the September heat. When I returned home that night my wife asked, “how was it? how did you do?” With a smile on my face I asked her “Have you ever spent time around someone and thought that you were a better person because of it?”

Patient, Soft Spoken, Educated, Seasoned, Funny, Driven, and focused; are just few words to describe Tom. Oh, and we absolutely put on a “how to” show for the folks fishing around us.

I have fished with him several times since that day and always look forward to the next trip. Prepare yourself, your stories or his will be interrupted frequently by “grab that rod, grab that rod!”

Fish on friends, fish on!!


If you like to spend your time fishing, any guide will do. If you actually want to catch fish, Tom is the guide you want. Not only does Tom know how to catch fish, he will work all day long to make your experience comfortable and one that you will talk about for a long time. Definitely worth it!


“When it comes to fishing guides, I can’t say enough good about Tom Belknap! I’ve been on 3 trips with Tom and I’m convinced this guy was absolutely born to fish. If you want a guide who is passionate, safe, skilled, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and will work his hardest to catch you fish, then Tom is your man. I’ve always gone home with a smile on my face and fish in the cooler. I wouldn’t hesitate to invite any of my friends or family to fish with Tom.”